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Clinical studies in Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer study

Women with relapsed ovarian cancer can take part in SOLO3, a clinical study for ovarian cancer, supported by AstraZeneca, to help scientists find better treatments for this disease.  This page provides information about the SOLO3 clinical trial.

A clinical study of olaparib in women who:

  • Have previously been diagnosed and treated for ovarian cancer, peritoneal cancer, and/or fallopian tube cancer and their disease has come back.  This is termed ‘relapsed’ or ‘recurrent’ cancer
  • Have an inherited BRCA mutation
  • Have completed at least two courses of platinum-based chemotherapy, and finished the last course at least six months ago.  Platinum agents are carboplatin, cisplatin, and oxalaplatin
  • Have a tumor that has shrunk or disappeared following their last course of platinum-based chemotherapy
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